Injection vials made of borosilicate glass tubing

The products include: Water injection, powder injection, freeze dried powder for injection, including domestic materials and imported raw materials, specifications ranging 1ml~50ml, capable of containing such chemicals as biological products, gene medicines, synthetic peptide drugs, water for injection, anticancer drugs, blood products, chemicals, contact lenses, etc.


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Reagent glass bottle

Reagent glass bottles: glass bottles used to contain reagents. Reagent glass bottle colors are: colorless, brown; categories including wide mouth, narrow mouth; ground mouth, smooth mouth, etc. The wide mouth bottles are used for containing solid reagents while the fine mouthed ones are for liquid reagents; the brown reagent bottles are used for reagents that require being kept away from light; the ground mouthed bottles prevents the moisture absorption causing changes in concentration.


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Medicinal bottles made of soda lime glass

Oral liquid bottles are commonly made of low boron silicon medical purpose glass tubes, and sodium calcium medical purpose (brown, amber, colorless) glass tube, in line with international standards.

Oral liquid bottles are suitable for silica gel plugs or butyl rubber plugs ordinary double coated aluminum lids, aluminum-plastic combined lids, tear-open aluminum-plastic lids, with beautiful appearance, suitable for oral liquids such as health care products, Chinese medicine oral liquids.


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Cosmetic products glass bottle

Our company produces high quality tube-made glass bottles and threaded bottles for cosmetic products. We are able to make various sizes according to the customers’ requirements. Our company has strong technical strength, advanced technology, complete testing system and rich production experience. The company's cosmetics bottles have good sealing performance, can effectively prevent the volatile of the perfume, being the ideal perfume bottle packaging.


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Hangzhou Yaoyuan Glass Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Yaoyuan Glass Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for the R&D, production and sales of glassware. The enterprise is located in the west suburbs of Hanghzou, in the town called Lin’an, very famous for its beautiful bamboos, with pleasant mountain sceneries and climate, reputable as a natural oxygen bar, in the nationally known Tianmu Mountain and Daming Mountain, the latter being a skiing site in southern China. With 30 minute ride to Hangzhou in the east and the Yellow Mountain to the west, the company enjoys convenient traffic.

Hangzhou Yaoyuan Glass Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, originally known as Puyang Xinkang Medical Purpose Glass Co., Ltd. and it is now a garden-like plant covering 15,000 square meters, with 13000 square meters of floor area, employing a powerful technical fleet and responsible managing staffs that work in a ...

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